"Mr. Sherman's Cloud" is my very first authored and illustrated children's book! Have you ever had a bad day? A day where from the minute you woke up there seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over you? You're not alone! Follow Mr. Sherman to see just what happens when his dark cloud becomes a reality! 
"Mr. Sherman's Cloud" has been published by Page Street Kids and is available now in many local bookstores, as well as, online and through Amazon. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates on book signing events and other surprises!
If you love to color, be sure to check out my story-driven coloring books "The Search for the Lightbulb Burglar" and "The Explorer's Journey" from Page Street Publishing. You can find them now on Amazon and the Target and Barnes & Noble websites!
I've also had the great pleasure of working with NYTimes Best-Selling author Kerry Patterson and I have teamed up to create a series of books that help parents and teachers share important life skills and values with children. 
Find out more and order the set at Pattertales.com.
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