What Sayest Thou?
This biblical depiction of the adulterous woman being taken before Christ (found in John 8) has been accepted to the 11th International Art Competition for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
"Bid Me Come..."
10th International Art Competition for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Merit Award winner. Currently on display in the BYU Museum of Art.
Works of Faith
Faith-based work depicting doctrinal themes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Flow: Be Somewhere Else
Displayed in December 2017 at my solo exhibition, titled "Flow", at the Kimball Arts Center in Park City, Utah.
SLUG Magazine Cover
December 2018 cover for Salt Lake City's SLUG Magazine
The School of Dance
These drawings were created for The University of Utah's School of Dance, which combines the schools of ballet and modern dance.
The Wheatley Slayers
These girls didn't come to play, they came to slay!
Ink Revisited
Brush Exploration
Ink exploration using dry-brush abstract shapes to create narrative and conceptual characters. Exhibited in December 2017 at Kimball Arts Center in Park City, Utah.
Before the Fall
Small series of graphite drawings focused on the concept of containment, conformity, and adaptation.
"Sweet Dreams" for Hello Kitty
Three-page short comic for Hello Kitty: Hello 40, a book to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty.
Utah Addy's Call for Entries Poster
Poster illustration for the 2014 Utah Addy Awards call for entries. Winner of a Communication Arts Award of Merit.
Rossignol XV Magtek(s)
Illustrated decks for the Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard, 2013-2016
Juxtapoz/Boost Mobile Mural
Juxtapoz & Boost Mobile-sponsored mural at 800 W. North Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. Featured in the 200th issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.
The Explorer's Journey
Follow the explorers on their journey through a strange land as they follow their destiny.
The Search for the Lightbulb Burglar!
My first coloring book with Page Street Publishing! The Search for the Lightbulb Burglar is a coloring book adventure set in a steampunk world.
Pattertales Children's Books
Pattertales books offer new stories with timeless lessons for kids and adults alike. Written by NYT Best-Selling author Kerry Patterson.
Custom Vans Classics
Custom, hand-drawn, Vans Classic Slip-ons created with a Sharpie Fine Line marker.
Art Access Utah Fundraiser
Entries for the Art Access 300 Plates Fundraiser in Salt Lake City, Utah.
This personal series explores the concept of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. Exhibited at God Hates Robots Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Proskuneo: Originally exhibited at Kayo Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah. This series consists of seven large automatic ink drawings using the theme of diety worship.
A Safe Place
A new work from my personal collection, created using ballpoint pen and watercolor pencils.
2018 On Deck Skateboard
2018 OnDeck Skateboard donation to support the building of skateparks and safe places for skateboarders.
Hand-painted skate decks
Custom painted skate decks! Rad!
Shapes of Conscious
A creative experiment where a shape drawn subconsciously is then filled with a unique character without previous thought to the outcome.
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